What They're Saying About
Radio Bastet!

Radio Bastet has some pretty awesome fans!

"Hey Marisa! Radio Bastet is really fun! Thanks for sharing it!"
* Paulette Rees-Denis of
The Gypsy Caravan Dance Company

"So exciting to see a posting from my all time favorite podcaster! I love your work!"
* Rachel Brice

"Hi Marisa - I love what you're doing! I'm glad it's mutual."
* Jill Parker

"I came upon your site around 3 am this morning and feel like I've hit a gold mine! My mother who is also a bellydancer owned many many records from the era you enjoy playing on your station. When I was about 8 years old a water heater accident destroyed nearly all of her collection. I am listening at this very moment to 'Program 1' and my heart is flooded with memories of my mother practicing in our tiny living room. (She danced back in the day when most restaurants had full orchestras.) I know this sounds cheesy but your site has truly brought me joy... I can't stop smiling! Please take care and: THANK YOU!!! (wiggles in seat in time to the music)"
* Elayssa

"Marisa - you are so amazing to do this - loved your site for ages, wishing you happy holidays and lotsa love...xx"
* Princess Farhana

"I cannot BEEEELEEEVE it's taken me this long to check out your site! It's brilliant...I love it...The music is great...one I was listening to today had me hip lifting at my PC!!! Great stuff...and you're a FINE DJ as well!!! Keep up the great work!"
* Gia

"Excellent site! Very well done! Mabrouk!"
* Soraya

"I didn't realize there was such a void in my life until I listened to Radio Bastet. I love you, Marisa! You revived the source of my dance soul -- good music and lots of memories!"
* Rossah Bendahman

"I'm so glad I found out about this site. This site is wonderful! Keep up your GREAT work :) You certainly have me hooked :) *hugs*"
* Sahaira of Raq-A-Star Belly Dancers (where'd they go??)

"What a fabulous website! I adore vintage belly dance music and use it exclusively for my shows and classes. I am not a techno-girl! The dancers of today have missed out on such a wonderful era of belly dance music. Marisa, a heartfelt zaghareet to you, my dear..."
* Layla

"Marhaba, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful site. I was referred by one of our Meetup Ambassadors and have really enjoyed exploring the vintage music. Keep up the good work, and visit us if you have a chance."
* Adeela of The Miami Bellydance Meetup Group

"I love the vintage belly dance music, it has information for all of the classics my teachers have talked about. Blessed be!"
* Naima Faddin

"We love what you are doing! And I love all the LP covers! Keep it going!"
* Soseneda of Amira Dance Productions

"Very cool belly dance site - Thanks!"
* Lacy Chenault


Raq out with your riq out at Radio Bastet - all vintage belly dance music, all the time!