Meet the Maven

If Radio Bastet were to appear live, it might go a little something like this...

So just who is this crazy woman podcasting scratchy old belly dance records to the masses, anyway? Why, that would be me!

My name is Marisa Young, and I'm a lapsed bellydance student living in Portland, Oregon, USA. I moved to Portland in 2002 to be with my now-hubby Byron, after spending my entire life in Washington state (really, from Washington to Oregon is not that big a stretch!). I am currently studying the art of the tease at the Rose City School of Burlesque!

One of my main passions is thrift shopping, which no doubt fueled my interest in old belly dance LPs. They are becoming harder and harder to find in the thrifts, however; my main "supplier" these days is eBay! The base of my collection (currently numbering way over 100, haven't counted them lately) was acquired at a garage sale held by a retired belly dancer in Mt. Vernon, WA (my previous residence) years ago. I got 21 LPs for 50 cents each, and she threw in the 21st one for free! Seeing as how these things go for $10-$20 and more apiece on eBay, I felt like I was stealing them! I began collecting them in earnest after that, and soon after I moved to Portland, the idea for Radio Bastet was born. Its first incarnation was at Live365.com in the spring of 2002; when my financial resources became a bit stretched, I moved it to Suite101.com for about a year. We were finally able to get a domain name during the summer of 2003, and in August 2003 we moved the site to its new home at radiobastet.com. Radio Bastet has definitely found its audience and has developed quite a following, beyond anything I'd ever imagined. I'm eternally grateful for that!

By the way, who is Bastet? Also known as Bast, She's the Egyptian Cat Goddess of the city of Bubastis, later becoming a national deity. According to The Witches' Goddess by Janet and Stewart Farrar, She is "a kindly goddess of joy, music and dancing; her rituals included light-hearted barge processions and orgiastic ceremonies... She is depicted as a cat-headed woman, carrying a sistrum and a basket, or as a whole cat. Often, in either form, there are kittens at her feet." I considered Her to be a natural namesake for a site celebrating Middle Eastern music and dance - orgiastic ceremonies optional!

Some of my other favorite things: My favorite actor, Timothy Carey (check out my blog about him!); space age bachelor pad/exotica/lounge/cocktail music (Byron is Mr. Smooth of The Mr. Smooth Show; he's hoping to get back podcasting himself soon, so check it out!); MST3K (that's Mystery Science Theater 3000, in case you didn't know); making rosaries and jewelry which I sell at Boveda Beads; mermaids; and books, books, and more books!!

Anyway, that's a bit more about me, in case you were wondering...

AAAHH!! They're everywhere, they're everywhere!!!

Dancing to the music of Serpentine Arborvitae

The late great Marvin guards the Radio Bastet record collection!

Email me! webmaven @ radiobastet dot com

Radio Bastet - where the hafla never ends!